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Unit D 30460 Liberator Ave. (Just past the Main Terminal)
Abbotsford International Airport
V2T 6H5
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Mountain Fying

As for any flight into an unknown area, preparation is the key to a successful journey.  Too many pilots venture into mountainous areas without preparing themselves properly. A healthy respect for these areas and an understanding of their peculiarities and pitfalls could save your life.


Duration: 3 to 4 hours.

Topics covered:

Weather Conditions - time of day, wind, visibility, turbulence 

Mountaious Terrain - Topagraphy, illusions

Aircraft and passenger preparations and considerations.

Aircarft performance and limitations.

Ridge crossing - Valley flying and traps - escape routes.

Advanced Aircraft maneuvering.

Our Mountain Course will prepare you to fly into mountainous areas with the knowledge and skill that could save your life.

Have a look at this article published in COPA written by Jeff Darwin who did our Mt. Course February 2016.