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Unit D 30460 Liberator Ave. (Just past the Main Terminal)
Abbotsford International Airport
V2T 6H5
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Recreational Pilot Permit Information


Minimum Age: 16 years

Medical Required: Class 4

"To invent an airplane is nothing. To build one is something. To fly is everything."

Otto Lilienthal

Rec Permit

Course Description

Transport Canada requires:



Minimum Flight Time 25 hours including the following



Dual Flying (with instructor) 15 hours including
Dual Cross Country 2 hours (including a flight of two legs minimum of 30 minutes each)
Solo Flying 5 hours


Written Examination: Transport Canada's written examination, RPPAE, may be taken in Vancouver or Abbotsford. A minimum of 60% in each of four areas - Air Law, Navigation, Meteorology, Aeronautics/General Knowledge - is required. No Ground School is required, however, PRINCIPAL AIR recommends a minimum of 40 hours ground school before attempting the exam.

Flight Test: Flight Tests are conducted at Abbotsford by Transport Canada approved examiners.


The Recreational Pilot Permit is for persons who wish to fly as a hobby. The Recreational Pilot Permit allows a holder to fly day VFR in Canadian airspace. The holder may act as Pilot in Command (PIC) of a four-seat, single-engine aircraft or ultra-light aircraft, but is limited to one passenger.

This program does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skill & Training. As such, PTIB did not review the program.