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Unit D 30460 Liberator Ave. (Just past the Main Terminal)
Abbotsford International Airport
V2T 6H5
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CFI Insights By: Alex Burton

Alex Burton regularly contributes to the CFI Insights column in the COPA Flight and Aviation News Journal. We've archived those articles here for your reference. For a complete collection of his works please visit Amazon

Critical Point
Flight Training Program
Pilot Behaviour
Flight Instructor
The Descent
The Climb
Understanding the Spin
Landing Considerations: Part 1 
Landing Considerations: Part 2
Landing Considerations: Part 3
Landing Considerations: Part 4
Landing Considerations: Part 5
Landing Considerations: Part 6

Landing Part 1:The Approach

Landing Part 2:The Visual Environment 
Landing Part 3:The Flair 
Landing Part 4:The Touchdown  
Landing Part 5:The Landing Roll  
Tail Draggers
Pilot Reports
Instrument Flight
Centre of Gravity

Safety Back to Basics
Know Your Systems
Mid-Air Collisions
Unpaved Airstrips
The Slip
Aviation Accidents
Engine Leaning
Visual Focal Points
Carburetor Icing: Part I, Causes

Carburetor Icing: Part II, Symptoms and Remedies
Hot Weather Engine Cooling

Exploring the Stall - Part 1
Exploring the Stall - Part 2
Winter Vision

Weight and Aircraft Performance

Uncontrolled Aerodromes

Fall Preparations

The Four Keys

Pilot State of Mind

Density Altitude

GPS for VFR Navigation
Recency Requirements
Wake Turbulence
Choosing a Flight School
Pre-Flight Inspection
Pilot Behaviour
Point of No Return
Va - Manoeuvring Speed